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The Oct/Nov/Dec issue of Chip Chats contains an election ballot for president and vice president of the NWCA.  Please complete the ballot and return it to: NWCA;  P.O. Box 43218; Cincinnati , OH 45243 before Dec 31, 2023.   Copies of the ballot are not accepted.   

For 70 years the NWCA has been promoting woodcarving and fellowship among its members, encouraging exhibitions and area get-togethers, listing tool and wood suppliers—in short, anything that aids the carver and/or whittler.

Many distinguished professional woodcarvers in the U.S. and abroad share their know-how with fellow members. NWCA proudly lists several internationally famous authors of woodcarving books on its roster.

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Table of Contents for the Summer 2023 issue of Chip Chats.  Join the National Wood Carvers Association to receive your copy.

   2 … Letters to the Editor
   3 … NWCA Membership Application
   3 … Next Deadline: August 1
   4 … Submitting Items to Chip Chats
   4 … Become a Sustaining Member of NWCA
   5 … Buy an NWCA Patch or Decal
   5 … December Election of NWCA Officers
   6 … CCA’s First Carvin’ the Rockies by Dale Green
   8 … Sangamon Valley Show by Bob Haley
 10 … ‘Sydney Shark’ Jumps the Wave by Frank Napoli
 11 … 33rd Columbia Flyway Show by Jerry Harris
 14 … Show #33 in Saginaw, Michigan by Mike Ford
 17 … Carve a Hand-held Ax Neckerchief Slide by Rob Motal
 18 … Artistry in Oklahoma by Marvin E. Jones
 20 … ‘Fableous’ Show in Union, Kentucky by John Schneider
 22 … 11th Smoky Mountain Festival by JR Hemmerlein
 24 … Chip Carved Excellence by Paul Wagner by Wayne Barton
 26 … Oglebay Show in Wheeling, W. Va. by J. J. Hodorowski
 29 … ‘Trout For Scouts’ Neckerchief Slides by Jim Langhus
 30 … Successful Show in Saline, Michigan by Peggy Lubahn
 31 … Paul MacHardy Cartoon
 32 … Chainsaw Champs Back in Business by Ada Klute
 32 … Variations From the Same Roughout by Rosemary Kautz
 36 … Wood Artistry is Back in Spokane by Doug Jones
 40 … Obituaries
 40 … Art Imitates Life: ‘Lady on the Rim’ by Don Woodard
 41 … NWCA Financial Report for 2022   
 42 … Pensacola Interstate Carving Competition by Bert Black
 43 … We Carve From YouTube: Snowman by Donna Thomas  
 44 … Upcoming Events
 44 … Instruction                                    
 46 … Paid Advertisements  


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