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Chip Chats: The Official Magazine of the National Wood Carvers Association

Ever since 1953, Chip Chats has inspired carvers, sculptors, and whittlers to craft their dreams and share their creations! Read more...

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Featured Article
Tangents: Hand Carved Spoons From Russia
By E.J. Tangerman

From the archive: a carving legend visits Russia and marvels over spoons created there. Pattern included!

Woodcarvers Donate to Charities
By Rusty Johnson

For more than two decades, the Eastern Oklahoma Woodcarvers Association has been carving Christmas ornaments and donating them to local charities.

Whittling a (Wooden) Rubber Ducky
By James Miller

Whittle your worries away with a simple how-to project.

A Fresh Take on Painting Figures
By James Miller

Using a wet basecoat lets you use the carving as a palette.

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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243