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For  over 70 years the NWCA has been promoting woodcarving and fellowship among its members, encouraging exhibitions and area get-togethers, listing tool and wood suppliers—in short, anything that aids the carver and/or whittler.

Many distinguished professional woodcarvers in the U.S. and abroad share their know-how with fellow members. NWCA proudly lists several internationally famous authors of woodcarving books on its roster.

Check out the calendar of events, clubs/groups over the USA, Canada, and International locations, clothing and accessories with the NWCA logo, our legacy with Blast from the Past, and much more on the website.  Join the NWCA and receive our publication Chip Chats.

At the National Wood Carvers Association, we are grateful to each and every member.  Every contribution you make helps the organization and community thrive!  Please know that you are appreciated.  We wish you much joy today and everyday.                                                                            

NWCA bylaws, published in the winter 2023 issue of Chip Chats and approved by the membership are available at this link:  NWCA Bylaws


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National Wood Carvers Association
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH  45243

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