Contributing to Chip Chats

The editors of Chip Chats Magazine welcome the submission of woodcarving articles and photos for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue. Text-only items may be emailed to [email protected]; digital photos must be saved on a CD (not DVD) and mailed to:

PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Please keep a back-up copy of the CD for your own use.

Digital images must be high resolution. Please remind your photographer to:

Every photo submitted needs a caption that includes the correct spelling of the carver’s first and last names. Good captions also mention the type of wood used and the size of the carving.

If not sent via email, the article should also be saved on a CD, either the same CD as the photos or a second CD. Be sure to include the name of person who wrote the article and the name of the photographer.

Any CD mailed in should be accompanied by these hard copies: (1) Printout of article; (2) index sheet of photos (grayscale on regular paper is fine); and (3) caption sheet with numbers matching those of the digital images (our computers do not show photo "tags").

Be selective about the quality and quantity of the digital photos you send. Duplicate images, unrelated photos, poor quality pictures, and anything without a caption should be deleted before the CD is burned. We especially appreciate receiving digital photos of carvings that have not already appeared in previous issues of Chip Chats.