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July - August 2019

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Table of Contents


  • Letter to the Editor
  • Contributing to Chip Chats
  • Give a Gift Membership in NWCA
  • Chip Chats Deadlines
  • Chip Chats Back Issues for Sale
  • Obituaries
  • Financial Statement
  • Nor’easter by Joe Marshall
  • The Parsimonious Curmudgeon by Fred Cogelow
  • Ambassadors of Woodcarving by Dahle Bingaman
  • New Book: Woodburning Realistic Animals by Minisa Robinson
  • Student Shines at Rondo School in Quebec
  • New Book: Yearn to Burn by Simon Easton
  • Stunts & Roses by Elmer Doerr
  • Doodles ’n Notes by Don Burgdorf
  • Monkeying Around With Bark by Cliff Glenz
  • Fantasy Forest’s ’Gnome Village’
  • Cartoon in Wood by Jim McGrath
  • Workshops, Seminars, & Classes
  • 1,349 and Counting! by Melvin Mitchell
  • Coming Events Calendar

Exhibitions & Competitions

  • Huntsville, Alabama by Paul C. Freeman
  • Golden, Colorado by Polly White
  • Pensacola, Florida by Bert Black
  • Camdenton, Missouri by Carol Murray
  • Omaha, Nebraska by Tom Paskach
  • Wayne, New Jersey by Jerry Cetrulo
  • Oklahoma City, Okla. by Richard Dalke
  • Tacoma, Washington by David Thompson
  • Madison, Wisconsin by Kay Gabriel Hiller and Dave Hiller
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243
National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243