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March - April 2014

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Table of Contents

Show Reports

  • Golden, Colorado
  • Pensacola, Florida
  • Danville, Illinois
  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Utica, Illinois
  • Villa Park, Illinois
  • Hickory, N. Carolina
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Spanish Fork, Utah
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Vancouver, Washington
  • Nottinghamshire, England


  • Bas Relief Rose Revisited by John Hagensick
  • Submitting Items to Chip Chats
  • Deadlines for Upcoming Chip Chats
  • Art Gallery Showcases Carvings by Don Self
  • Sources of Supplies: Annual Directory of Vendors
  • Give a Gift Membership in NWCA
  • Chip Chats Back Issues for Sale
  • Michael the Archangel by Kathy Mitchell
  • Behind the CCA Street Scene by Randal Landen, Bob Travis, S. Smith, J. Williams, and C. Williams
  • Bunnymobile Relief Pattern by Steve Eisele
  • Think and Work Like a Sculptor by Peter Newton
  • Buyer Beware by Andrew DiPace
  • Workshops, Classes, Seminars
  • Obituaries
  • Coming Events Calendar


  • Greetings von dem Kerbschnitzer by Wayne Barton
  • Thoughts from the English Countryside by Peter Benson
  • Doodles 'n Notes: Opinionated Man by Don Burgdorf
  • The Parsimonious Curmudgeon by Fred Cogelow
  • Carve a Kerchief Slide: Old Goat by Robert Reitmeyer
  • Chip Shots by L. E. Sturrup
  • Nor'Easter by Paul Ward
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PO Box 43218
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
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