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March - April 2002

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Table of Contents


  • A Visit with Nicole Deschenes Duval by Glorene E. Lueth
  • Lehigh Valley Chippers Extend Thanks by Dennis Barr
  • Blood Carvers by Rodney J. Douce
  • ‘Abe Lincoln’ Shallow Relief by Harley Schmitgen
  • Leah Wachter carves ‘Fuzzy’
  • Thoughts on Competition by Jeffrey T. Stone
  • Carving an Ancient Artifact by Neal Naughton
  • Plaque for Pelican Club by Sylvia Spaht
  • Wood & Woodcarving in Elbigenalp by Martin Martin Geisler-Moroder
  • Floyd Rhadigan Wows Them in Windsor! by Julie Lawrence
  • Carve a Carousel Jumper by Ted Wyka
  • Lewis & Clark Project Advances by George Eisentrout
  • Gabriel Flies Again in Guilford, N.Y. by William Kenney
  • Jerry Prior — The Straits Carver by Chuck Ruble
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Obituaries
  • Calendar of Coming Events
  • Sources of Supplies

Show Reports

  • Riverside, California
  • Santa Maria, Calif.
  • Deltona, Florida
  • Inverness, Florida
  • Danville, Illinois
  • Normal, Illinois
  • Wheaton, Illinois
  • La Plata, Maryland
  • Harmony, Minnesota
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Lima, Pennsylvania
  • Monroe, Wash.
  • Puyallup, Washington
  • Vancouver, Wash.
  • Delafield, Wisconsin
  • Parksville, B.C.


  • Wayne Barton
  • Bob Boyer
  • Don Burgdorf
  • Cheryl Dow
  • John Hagensick
  • Joe King
  • Bob Reitmeyer
  • Dick Smith
  • L. E. Sturrup
  • M. Paul Ward
  • Bill Wright
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243