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November - December 1999

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Table of Contents

Show Reports

  • Waco, Texas
  • Madera, Calif.
  • Mystic, Ct.
  • Lakeland, Fla.
  • Rockford, Ill.
  • Converse, Ind.
  • Waterloo, Iowa
  • Lexington, Ky.
  • Oscoda, Mich.
  • Blue Earth, Minn.
  • Windom, Minn.
  • St. Charles, Mo.
  • Hamburg, N.Y.
  • Charlotte, N. Car.
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Middletown, Ohio
  • Wilmot, Ohio
  • Tulsa, Okla.
  • Cooksburg, Pa.
  • Scotland, Pa.
  • Wheeling, W.Va.
  • Coon Valley, Wisc.
  • Rockton, Ontario, Canada
  • Ashfield, England
  • West Yorkshire, England
  • Pretoria, South Africa


  • Proud to be a 'Power Carver' by Bruce Alexander
  • Famous Carving Museum for Lease in Iowa
  • John Obermeier: Profile of a Burl Carver by Dennis Moor
  • The Making of Bella the Whale by Reu'ven Gayle
  • Carve a Wood Snipe by Robert Reitmeyer
  • Ornament Celebrates New Millennium by John Hagensick
  • WoodCarversPorch by Jud Hindes
  • Totem Pole at Knott's Berry Farm by David Yendes
  • Woodcarving and Miniatures by John Ottewill
  • Wood Be Carvers in Class by Steve S. Schoolar
  • Waldorf Woodcarving VIII by Joy Boyken
  • 23rd annual 'Doane Experience' by Ken Armsbury
  • Scouts Bolster Aging Artisans by Robert Reitmeyer
  • Creede Keeps 'em Coming Back by Fran Vanaken
  • And So It All Began in the Summer of '53 by Stephen LePage
  • Minor Blades, Part 2 by Dave Whiren
  • Visiting a Hobby Carver in Scotland by Dick Mekkelsen
  • Caricature Carver Don P. Davis by Len Dillon
  • Changes at Austrian School by Martin Martin Geisler-Moroder
  • Tannehill Club Offers Suggestions by John Sheffey


  • Wayne Barton
  • Peter Benson
  • Don Burgdorf
  • Dick Clair
  • Fred Cogelow
  • Roy Colbert
  • Cheryl Dow
  • John Hagensick
  • Dick Smith
  • L. E. Sturrup
  • M. Paul Ward
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
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