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April - June 2022

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Table of Contents

  • Club Carves Comfort Birds by Glenda Anderson
  • ‘Father Time’ by Eileen Tietz
  • Submitting Items to Chip Chats
  • The Wandering Woodcarver: Part 4 by Gerald E. Lesch
  • Oscar Rode Looks Forward by Allen Voss
  • Sun City Center at Florida State Fair by Fred Joest
  • Marvelous Museum in Monona, Iowa by Rick Bartels
  • Shelf Goose Woodcarving Pattern by Mike Boback
  • Carver’s Tip: DIY Sanding Tools by Cliff Glenz
  • 30th Creede Rendezvous by Polly White
  • 2021 CCA Competition by Kevin Applegate
  • Nor'easter: 2021 Spirit of Wood by Jan LeClair
  • Carve In 4/5 @ the Bekkum by Kathy Anderson
  • Rick Hermes' Scalloped Plate by Wayne Barton
  • Golf Ball Fun During COVID-19 by Bob McGinnis
  • Congress 2022 is On! by Diane Colley
  • Rocky Mountain Carvers Roundup by Guy Nelson
  • Woodcarved Quilt by Keith Radick and Joan Pearse
  • Niagara Frontier Club by Bob Miller and Doug Bathke
  • Carve a Stagecoach Neckerchief Slide by Rob Motal
  • From Toothpicks to Horns by Archie Silvrants
  • Festival in Broken Arrow, Okla. by Rusty Johnson
  • Paint Your Wooden Ostrich Egg by Donna Spiker
  • Commissioned Plaque Carved, Burned by Evelyn Mogren
  • Rock River Valley Carvers of Wisc. by Rosemary Kautz
  • `Rocky the Owl' by Gerry Phelan
  • Instruction
  • Obituaries
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National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243
National Wood Carvers Assoc.
PO Box 43218
Cincinnati, OH 45243