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April - June 2021

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Table of Contents


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Chip Chats Deadlines
  • Give a Gift Membership in NWCA
  • Contributing Items to Chip Chats
  • Chip Chats Back Issues for Sale
  • Carving Club Update: 2nd Request
  • Layoff Launches Carving Career by Dick Belcher
  • NEW BOOK: Whittling Flat-Plane Animals by James Miller
  • A Cardinal for Mother’s Day by Diane Colley
  • Protect the Cutting Edge by Cliff Glenz
  • Fall Exhibit for Northeast Ohio Club by Ann Mowery
  • Jim Miller’s ‘The Last Supper’
  • Bill Vienneaux: Self-made Artist by Diane Colley
  • Mission Possible: 10 Santas per Month by Russell Scott
  • Becky @ Bekkum 4/5 by Kathy Anderson
  • Coping & Carving During COVID-19 by Lee Sexton
  • Keeping in Touch #10 by Cheryl Coupland
  • Male Profile Patterns by Dave Rushlo
  • NEW BOOK: Carving Woodspirits by S. Hendrix Peery and P. Peery
  • Zooming Along With Blake and Thom by Blake Lunsford and Thom Bate
  • My Carving Poem by Helen Hughes
  • Instruction
  • Obituary
  • Calendar
  • Sources of Supplies and Services
  • NEW BOOK: Useful Woodturning Projects by Mike Darlow
  • Cartoon in Wood: Lens Artist by Jim McGrath
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