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We at the NWCA are grateful for the engagement, enthusiasm, and love for the community that our members show every day. With our Chip Chats magazine, we hope to continue to share your stories and introduce more people to the craft.

We can't do this without your help.

In response to an unprecedented year, the 2020 CARES Act temporarily introduced a deduction for charitable contributions to qualifying non-profit organizations like the NWCA. The total deduction is $300 ($600 for married individuals filing joint returns) and applies to the 2021 tax year only!

This means that for the 2021 tax year only, you can donate up to $600 and claim a tax deduction for that entire cash donation!

We know the NWCA is important to you, and we hope we can count on your financial support.

There are details on the expanded contribution limits available on the IRS website 🔗.

Thank you!

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